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Our small, experienced Auckland team pride themselves on transparency, quality and reliability.

Sam and the friendly Cosy Air team work with all types of heat pumps and ventilation units from Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Daikin and Gree.

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We install and service heat pumps, air conditioning and ventilation systems for both residential and commercial properties Auckland-wide.
Heat Pump Installation

Room specific heating and cooling, keeping you cosy all year round. Energy efficient and quiet solutions. We work with only the most reputable brands – our workmanship is guaranteed.

Heat Pump Servicing & Maintenance

Our team of qualified engineers are experienced across a comprehensive range of brands and systems. Servicing and ongoing maintenance of all Cosy Air installations. 

Whole Home Temperature Control

Bespoke full home heating and cooling solutions to keep you cosy. Extensive experience working with builders on new builds, or retrofitting existing homes.


Design, install and service for multiple commercial requirements – both small and large. With over a decade's experience in the commercial sector spanning everything from server rooms to a large scale project in the Maldives with underwater rooms and restaurants, and multi story buildings within the Auckland CBD, Cosy Air is equipped to handle any commercial environment requirements. 

Ventilation Installation

Focused installation of room transfer kits, these prevent crying windows, and allow heat to move from one room to another. They have a filter installed with them to clean the air as it moves through your home. 

Ventilation Maintenance

Filters need cleaning at least once a year, and we recommend fan motors should be inspected at the same time. The benefits of a well maintained unit include:

  • Reduced running costs. The movement of air through the unit from outside to inside will, over time, lead to the accumulation of debris in the air filter found in all heat pumps and air conditioning units. The restricted airflow puts extra pressure on the fan motor, resulting in the increased use of power. To put it simply, the more the airflow is restricted, the more your power bill goes up.
  • A healthy home. Heat pumps are a warm, damp environment, perfect conditions for mould and bacteria to thrive. Which in turn is blown back into your room while the unit is running. Regular maintenance will prevent mould and bacteria getting a foothold and remove any deposits that have started.
  • Reliability. A struggling heat pump tends to break down after prolonged strain, often right when you need them the most in the height of summer or the depths of winter. Keeping your unit well maintained keeps the strain off it and helps to identify issues before they arise.
  • A safe home. We all know the potential of electricity to start fires, by having your unit regularly checked helps us spot potential issues and keeps electrical connections clean and tight to prevent arcing.
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What people are saying
"The most amazing fast service at a very busy time of year. I'm very grateful for the quick phone call returns, the quoting process and then the installation of a new heat pump in the middle of winter."
- Melanie D.
"We're really happy with the job! We'd recommend Cosy Air if you're looking at installing a heat pump. We'll definitely use them for maintenance in the future too."
- Judith C.
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